How to Always Look Your Best Without Makeup


Everyone wants to look the best version of themselves. Although an undue obsession with ones looks can definitely be unhealthy, to care about our outlook is only natural and in fact quite essential.

Sure with advanced cosmetic surgeries and plenty of makeup products on the market, anyone with the right resources can alter their looks as they desire. However there are many ways which can help you achieve that gorgeous picture perfect look without using makeup.

1. Hydrate yourself

hydrate yourself

Water is a wonder liquid and it’s free. Before you get bored of everyone always going on and on about the importance of drinking enough water, realize that it is not without reason. Hydrating yourself is the best thing you can do to your face and body. It gets the body rid of toxins and hence gives you a clearer looking skin. It keeps your face looking plum and fresh and in turn keeps you looking younger. Drinking plenty of water also reduces the appearances of fine lines and pores on your skin.

2. Clean your face morning and evening

Clean your face morning and evening

Your skin produces oil while you’re sleeping and hence it is really essential to wash your face in the morning with a mild cleanser to remove that oil formation. It not only gives you a clear canvas before applying any cream or lotion, it also prevents any breakouts.

When you’re out and about your day, your skin collects dirt and grime. So before sleeping too, it is important to cleanse your face with a mild face wash. Choose one depending on your skin type. However, do not use a harsh cleanser, since you need to do it twice a day. A gentle formula cleans your face without stripping your skin.

3. Get a haircut that suits you

get a haircut that suits your face

Your hair is what frames your face so changing your hairstyle can bring a world of a difference to your look. If your lifestyle doesn’t give you much time to style your hair daily, there’s no need to keep long locks when you’re just going to tie them in a bun all the time. Figure out your face shape, whether you have a round face, diamond or heart shaped. Sit down with your hairdresser and decide on a haircut that would best suit you.

4. Eat clean and exercise regularly

eat clean and exercise regularly

What you put inside your body, really determines its outlook. The biggest clichés are clichés for a reason. Eating foods that have excess oil in them can tend to cause you breakouts and a duller looking skin. On the other hand, eating foods rich in antioxidants such as strawberries and blueberries can give a great glow to your face.

Eating right, coupled with some form of exercise can give you the best looking skin without having to put anything over it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be some heavy workout session. Just some form of cardio for 45 minutes 3-4 times a week will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. This will help you get rid of toxins from your body in the form of sweat and will give you a brighter and tighter looking skin.

5. Exfoliate your face

exfoliate your face

Be careful with this one because many people tend to over exfoliate their face thus leaving it dry and irritated. Chose an exfoliator and use it twice a week depending on whether your skin is oily or dry. It also depends on your lifestyle. If you stay outdoors a lot, then you could even do it upto 3 times and on the other hand if you have a job or lifestyle that mostly requires you to stay indoors all day then even scrubbing it once a week will suffice. It will unclog your pores and prevent blackhead formation. It even removes the top layer of dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin.

6. Get proper sleep

get proper sleep

The term Beauty Sleep is not just a myth. Getting good 7-8 hours of sleep daily does wonders to your skin. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep. Collagen is released that keeps your skin looking younger and firm. If you deprive yourself of the required amount of sleep, your skin is unable to repair itself and hence it becomes dry. As a result, fine lines start appearing and the texture of your facial skin also becomes uneven.

The skin under your eyes also gets inflated due to lack of sleep giving you puffy eyes and under eye bags. It also makes the skin discoloured and gives you dark circles.

7. Apply sunscreen religiously

apply sunscreen religiously

This one may or may not be that obvious to you but applying sunscreen regularly before stepping out of the house can give you a much better looking skin in the long run. The harsh UV rays of the sun damage your skin immensely and can cause it to age faster.

It even prevents pigmentation and the onset of pimples. Choose an SPF depending on the harshness of the sun where you live and the time duration you expose yourself to the sun for. If you’re constantly in the sun, then reapply after every hour. This simple step should be an integral part of your skin-care routine each morning in order to have a better looking skin.

8. Tame those brows and lengthen those lashes

Tame those brows and lengthen those lashes

You don’t need to apply any liner or mascara if you have well groomed eye brows and lashes. Brows is something that you should always get done by a professional. Many women make the mistake of either over tweezing their brows or leaving them untamed. There is a certain shape of brows that’ll suit the individual depending upon their face shape.

For those who suffer from scanty brows or less dense lashes, castor oil is a great option. Apply castor oil to them each night and over time, you will surely notice a visible difference. Long lashes make your eyes look more open. Similarly well shaped eye brows give structure to your face and frame your eyes.

9. Smile more

smile more

Yes you heard us right. Just smile more. Happy people are pretty people. It’s the simplest way to look your best within a split second. Now that doesn’t mean that you put your all your teeth on a constant display for no rhyme or reason, but don’t refrain yourself from shedding out a whole hearted laughter when you feel like it. Smile more and you will instantly notice that your face lights up. No amount of makeup or beauty products can make you look any prettier than this.

So when it’s that quick and simple, there is no way for you to not try it.