Exclusive Interview With Breakout Star Jay Diamondz


Jay Diamondz is a 23-year-old man on a mission. The Washington D.C. native has become completely and totally committed to bringing the old spirit of pop music back into the scene. The performer has quickly gained notoriety for his unique sense of fashion, his striking lyrics, and of course, his exceptionally lively performances.

With his breakout single, “Shining Bodies,” Jay Diamondz made a name for himself as a glamorous performer with a seriously impressive stage persona. We at New Theory were lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with him and chat. When you find out his inspiring story, you’ll understand why we think Jay Diamondz is going to be the newest name in pop.

Jay DiamondzOssiana: The amount of success you’ve been having at your age is incredible. Tell me a little bit about how you got into the music industry.
Jay: I’ve always been a music person and while I always wanted to be a singer, I actually started out as a party promoter. My love of music actually reflected in the parties I threw back in high school. My parties were so big that everyone knew of them–teachers, kids, even the police knew about how loud they got! I eventually dropped out of high school to become a professional party promoter. I threw parties for college students, then eventually made my way to the club scene.

Ossiana: That’s a pretty wild ride. Kinda matches the awesomely wild clothing. Where’d you get them?
Jay: Oh, I actually designed them myself. I love to roll up a blunt and see how glittery I make them.

Ossiana: That’s pretty awesome. So, what made you make the jump from party promoter and clothing designer to singer?
Jay: I remember this one show where I was playing at Constitution Hall. I tried to set up my own concert, and it was a venue of a capacity of 3700. I only sold 900 tickets, and it was terrible. Ugh, I still remember that night! I really wanted to give up that night, but I didn’t. It was at that point that I realized that I couldn’t always see myself at the club.

Ossiana: Ouch. Sounds rough.
Jay: It was. I mean, being a party promoter can be rough. Once you book a show, you have all the money and hard work disappear until you sell all your tickets. You see the business aspect of partying, and it’s all anxiety and etiquette. In D.C, there’s no real “fan experience.”  In D.C, most people go to clubs so they can just drink. I wanted to change that. I want to bring back the days when fans would come just to watch the setup or see the tour bus roll in. I love music and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Ossiana: So how did you end up sticking with your love of music?
Jay: At the time, I was beginning to lose faith in the scene. It was actually Tokio Hotel that saved me. They are some of the icons I always looked up to, and when I promoted their 10-year anniversary tour, I was able to meet them.

Ossiana: What was it like to meet your idols?
Jay: Oh my God. If only I could explain the kind of energy, the vibe in that venue. I can’t even explain what happened. The magic in that venue was indescribable. That energy, it sticks with you. It still sticks with me now, even though it was three years ago.

Energy like that can be life-changing. The magic that happened that night inspired me to chase after my childhood dream of being a pop star.

I realized it was time to move on. You’re not a tree; you aren’t supposed to be stuck in one place forever. In life, you’re meant to move, like a gypsy. (I love gypsies.) It just was time for me to start a new journey.

Ossiana: That’s incredible. So, how did you come up with the concept behind “Shining Bodies?”
Jay: I actually wrote that when I came back home at 4 AM at a club. I’m a hopeless romantic and was just beginning to feel like I wouldn’t find “the one” at a club, you know? I returned home, wrote it as a “this is how I feel” song. Next day, we recorded it and it was great!

Ossiana: Speaking as a club kid, I definitely relate to that song. So there’s actually is a very powerful double-message there. Casual listeners hear the sexy message about putting the moves, while those who are more jaded would see the person feeling alone at the club.
Jay: Exactly.

Ossiana: So, how has the reception been since your first release?
Jay: It’s been amazing. Thousands of people have seen my video, and a lot of the people who I know have been hitting me up telling me they understand it now. My work isn’t just music, there’s a theatrical aspect to it too. The music video release of “Shining Bodies” shows that.

Ossiana: Absolutely. I was blown away by it. How’d you get those concepts?
Jay: I studied musical theater and made shock art. It kind of came naturally. The next single will be even more impressive on all fronts.

Ossiana: Oh! Next single? You can’t just slip that in without saying something about it.
Jay: Well, let’s just say it’s happening very soon. It’s got a very “summer dance” vibe and it’s a bit of a shocker.

Ossiana: Any name?
Jay: Not going to say a name yet, but let’s just say it’ll be magical.

Ossiana: We can’t wait. This interview has been so inspiring on so many levels. Do you have anything you want to tell fans who might be interested in following their dreams?
Jay: Yes! No matter what happens, keep the voice inside your head alive. Listen to it. Call it your gut instinct or whatever, but everyone has something inside them they should listen to. At the end of the day, don’t give up.

Check out his latest single “Magic” here: https://youtu.be/mMVbnYJRnSw

Follow Jay on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsjaydiamondz/

Interview by Ossisana Tepfenhart