About Us

A college freshman, a stay-at-home mom or a 9-5 working professional. No matter what her role, the modern woman is all about multi-tasking.

Started in 2016, ChicaDaily is every young woman’s daily dose of all that she needs to know. From fashion and beauty to work and money, we aim to be your trusted go-to source.

A girl has big dreams. She wants to look her best, present herself in the finest way possible. She wants to look stylish and on-point. She wants to take care of her health and make sure her body is in the best shape. Whether a daughter, a girlfriend, a sister, a wife or a mother, she wants to be great in every role and have healthy relationships around her. She wants to be independent and earn a living. Gone are the times when she looked towards a man for any financial matter. She wants to travel the world and see new place. She wants all this and more.

So if you’re a girl who wants to be on top, a little help could never hurt. We at ChicaDaily, are here to help. We wish to make this a platform for all you lovely Chicas, where you find what you need. Everything for some girl or something for every girl. Hope you have a great journey with us.