9 Beauty Tools Every Girl Must Have in Her Vanity


You see gorgeous girls with perfect makeup all over you social media. You watch a ton of tutorials by your favourite beauty gurus, trying your best to master the art of applying makeup. Yet sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your eye shadow doesn’t come out to be as flawless as theirs or your foundation doesn’t seem as airbrushed and seamless as theirs. You keep buying expensive makeup products to achieve a look as perfect as them but are somehow always one step short.

Well, its time you brought your misery to an end and realized that having great products or skills isn’t enough, you have got to have the right tools. It may not seem as obvious at first, but your beauty tools can make a world of a difference when it comes to looking your best. Not just that, they can make your work a lot easier and can also save you a lot of time and inconvenience. Just like an artist needs his brushes and a surgeon needs his equipment, don’t think you can get away without the right tools. Some are strictly makeup related while others are just things you could easily find at a super market, but once you start using them, you’ll realize the difference they make. Let us now go through a list of 9 beauty tools and accessories that are a must have in every girl’s vanity.

1. Makeup brushes

makeup brushes

Depending on the sort of makeup you prefer, there are certain brushes that are absolutely essential in your kit. Although there are dozens of different styles of brushes available, a solid 2 or 3 brushes are all that you need. A good foundation brush such as a stippling brush or a buffing brush is crucial to achieve the maximum coverage out of your foundation.

For your eyes, a packing brush to apply your eye shadow and then a blending brush to make sure there are no harsh lines or divisions created by different eye shadows on your lids. No matter how smooth and buttery shadows you get, you’ll never be able to achieve a smokey eye look without having the correct blending brush.

Similarly a big fluffy brush for applying loose powder or compact powder as well as a slightly smaller round brush for apply blush or bronzer. The number of brushes just depends on the amount of makeup you apply.

2. Eye lash curler

Eye lash curler

Very few girls are blessed with naturally long, wispy and curled up lashes, but for the rest of us, eye lash curler is the way to go. It’s that extra step right before applying your mascara that takes about 5 seconds per eye yet most women simply skip. Any great lengthening and lifting mascara will fail to work its magic if you don’t make the effort of using this tool. It looks somewhat like a torture device but is not complicated at all once you start using it regularly.

It gives the lashes that extra lift and curl and makes your eyes look more awake and open. Use an eye lash curler before applying your mascara and it’ll make sure your lashes stay in place throughout the day and that your mascara has its maximum effect.

3. Tweezers


They’re a teeny tiny tool that can save your life. They are extremely multipurpose and can easily be put in you handbag to travel around with. From plucking out random facial hair, to tweezing your mono-brow, to applying your false lashes with, a pair of tweezers has many uses.

They come in various shapes but essentially do the same job. Choose a pair depending upon how comfortable you are with them. If you require them mainly for applying your false lashes, you may need one with extremely pointy nibs. On the other hand if you need them to pluck out your facial hair, choose one that gives you a good grip. They should basically feel comfortable to hold. Make sure they are of good quality and the material used is sturdy.

If kept nicely, they are just a one-time buy so do not hesitate to spend your money on a slightly more expensive tweezers if it’s of good quality.

4. Straighteners

hair straightener

Every girl needs a hair styling tool that she can rely on. While there are many options to choose from, straightener, blow dryer, curling tongs, etc. a straightener is the most efficient and can be used to create various hair looks.

Not sure if many of you know this, but straighteners can even be used to create curls in your hair. Depending upon the straightener you choose and the width of its plates, you can easily give yourself many variations of curls. Take sections of your hair and put them between the plates. Press the plates together and run them throughout the lengths of your hair to give yourself sleek straight hair. You can even watch some online tutorials and you’ll be amazed as to how many different looks you can achieve, all just using a straightener.

Now this tool maybe slightly expensive but since it’s a heavy-duty appliance, do not cut corners while buying it. Research well and get information about the various kinds of plates that come and also the width of the plates. Invest in a good straightener and you won’t regret it.

5.  Pencil sharpener

pencil sharpener

This one’s a really simple and self-explanatory product. Many eye liners and lip liners do not come with twistable sticks and hence you need to sharpen them. Get yourself a double blade sharper that has both a smaller mouth for thinner pencils for example lip liners and a bigger mouth for thicker sticks such as an eye shadow crayon. It’s really handy to throw into your handbag because you never know when that pencil is going to run out.

It’s again important to buy one that’s of good quality since many pencil sharpeners break the product and then you end up wasting a lot of it. So it’s suggested that you try out a few different ones until you find the one that you like and is gentle on your product.

6. Makeup sponge

makeup sponges

If you haven’t already tried it, once you do it’s going to change your entire makeup game. Makeup sponges haven’t been popular for long, but thanks to the beauty blender, now every makeup guru swears by them. They are available in every price range and can be used for liquid or cream foundation, concealer and even for baking on your face.

You essentially put this under running water and squeeze it a couple of times. Make sure it’s not overly wet or dripping. Try and squeeze out as much water from it as possible before applying any product with it. Apply your foundation on your face and blend it in on your face with a makeup sponge using dabbing, stippling motions. It gives an air-brushed finish and is great for beginners or people with a heavy hand since it soaks in any excess product and gives you a very natural look.

Choose a shape and size depending on the area you want to use it for. A pointed small one for your concealer or underneath your eyes whereas a larger round one for your entire face.

7. Bobby Pins

bobby pins

No matter how many you buy, they just magically keep decreasing in number until one day you are left with none. Bobby pins are another staple item that every girl must have handy at all times. They are really inexpensive and are easily available in packs.

While they are available in various colours, it is always safer to get the ones that match your hair colour. They come in handy while making a lot of different hairstyles whether you’re going for the day-to-day messy bun look or trying to go for a glamorous updo. They are great for many hair hacks as well. No fancy tools, just a hair elastic and some bobby pins can transform your hair. Not just for hair, but these pins are definitely a handbag must-have. After all, you never know when you might forget your key and have to use a bobby pin to open up a lock!

8. Q-tips and cotton pads

Q-tips and cotton pads

These are available at any supermarket and are again quite inexpensive. Both these items should be a part of your daily makeup/skincare routine. Cotton pads are used for various things such as to remove your makeup or to apply a gentle cream cleanser. Just put some on a cotton pad and swipe it across your face in circular motions. The cotton pads are gentle on your face and help you cleanse your face. They especially come in handy while removing your eye makeup.

Q-tips are great for doing little touch ups. All of you must’ve experienced eye shadow fallout or your mascara getting smudged on your eye-lid while applying. Just dip the q-tip into some makeup remover and easily ge those tiny spaces. While trying to apply a winged liner, almost no one gets it right in the first try. So always have some q-tips on standby to wipe it off and get going.

9. Brush cleanser

Brush cleanser

Tools such as your brushes and makeup sponges tend to collect a lot of dirt and bacteria. They come in contact with makeup products and then your face, hence it’s necessary that you keep them clean. They are available in quid forms and have recently been available in solid soap forms as well. Try cleaning your brushes and sponges atleast once a week to get them rid of any dirt otherwise they can give you breakouts when used.

Most brush companies now have their own line of cleansers. Choose one that keeps your brushes soft and doesn’t change their textures. A trick is to use baby shampoo if a brush cleanser isn’t available. A baby shampoo is mild since it’s made for baby’s hair and doesn’t have harsh chemicals in it. It is also a much cheaper alternative. Whatever you choose, the motive is to keep your tools clean.