8 Handbag Essentials Every Girl Must Have


For most girls, our handbags are a lot more than just a mere accessory to us. They are our dear friends who can save us in times of need. If you’re also one of those girls who can’t go around anywhere without her handbag then this one’s a must read for you.

Many a times we carry around huge bags with us but are not able to find important stuff when we need it the most. The key is to not clutter your bag with useless bits and bobs such as receipts and old jewellery and to put in the essentials that you know you use regularly or that can come in handy. So instead of dragging around a heavy hand-bag that makes your shoulders limp, carry a relatively light one that has these following essentials and you’ll be good to go.

1) Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

To begin with the basics, a travel sized bottle or tube of sanitizer is a must-have in your handbag. Whether you’re out and about or just sitting in your office all day, a sanitizer can really come in handy. Places such as public transport or restroom have a lot of germs so it comes to the rescue when soap and water isn’t conveniently available. Who doesn’t like to be clean and germ free after all.

2) Anti-persperant Spray


You never know when life throws a curve ball at you so you must have a deodorant with you at all times. You wouldn’t want to be caught embarrassed the next time you raise your hand in an office meeting and realize you had a sweat patch all along. While holding on to the subway railing on your way back after a long day, don’t subject the people standing with you to your body odour. Whether for other people’s sake or just to freshen up throughout the day, a deodorant is something one must always carry in their handbag.


3) Lip Colour

lip colour

Whether you are a gloss type of girl or prefer your statement red lip, carry whatever lipper you like for everyday wear with you. You could use it to touch up throughout the day or after meals. Your lipstick tends to fade away eventually so a spare one in your hand bag really comes in to use. It’s also of great help if you have to go somewhere out directly after work. Even if you do not have any other makeup on your face, a nice bright lip colour really lifts up your face and makes you look more put together.


4) Portable Charger

portable charger

Our smartphones are our lifelines. Whether it’s simply for call or text or work emails or even for making notes or setting reminders for things we tend to forget. We can feel quite handicapped without them. So make sure to always carry a portable charger with you in your handbag. You can order one online or go to an electronics store to purchase one. Get one that can give your phone atleast 2-3 charges. That way you won’t have to constantly look for charging sockets to plug in your phone and save it from dying without battery.


5) Hair Ties and Pins (bobby pins and safety pins)

hair ties and pins

Make a little pack of these 3 things and throw it in your handbag. You can than us later. Hair ties and bobby pins can help you transform your hair. Whether you’re feeling hot and simply want to put your hair in a bun or you’ve made plans to meet-up with your friends after work and want to look a little more presentable.

Safety pins on the other hand will be your saviour in case of a wardrobe malfunction. A little tear or snip, a safety pin can help you out of any such embarrassing situation.


6) Tampons/Sanitary Napkins

tampons and sanitary napkins

It’s the unsaid sister code that you always give a tampon/sanitary napkin to a girl who’s in need. It is vital to have it present in your hand bag at all times coz we all know Mother Nature can knock on our door anytime and it’s our job to be prepared. Always carry whatever product you use during your period in case of emergencies. Not just for you but a friend of you might need it and you will be her hero in that time of need.


7) Basic First Aid

basic first aid

By this we in no way mean that you carry around a box full of medication in your handbag but you should just be prepared with some basic stuff such as Band-Aids, painkillers and muscle spray. You could get a scratch here and there or even a paper cut sometimes, it’s always a great idea to have some cover up. While travelling, a muscle pull or sprain can sometimes make you very uncomfortable so a muscle spray or painkillers can save the day. It’s also really helpful for people around you.


8) Earphones


Earphones are a necessity for everyone these days. Just put those in your handbag and you’ll find them useful at odd times. Get a pair of noise cancelling ones that are easy to travel with and not too bulky.  You can use them on the subway. Utilise your travel time to listen to e-books or podcasts instead of just sitting and killing those precious minutes. You can even use them when you’re trying to get some work done and your surroundings are too noisy. Just make sure you put them nicely in a separate case or ouch in your handbag to prevent them from tangling.