8 Easy Ways to Incorporate Castor Oil in Your Beauty Regime


Nature has some great hidden gems that we sometimes remain unaware of. One of these miracle by-products of nature is Castor oil. While the thought of using cooking ingredients as beauty treatments may seem a little absurd, when you learn about it, you’ll be amazed as to how and why you deprived yourself of such a wonder product that is easily available and unlike other beauty products, doesn’t cost a bomb. So if accessible beauty is something that interests you, then read on.

1. Helps in hair growth

helps in hair growth

Castor oil contains in itself, fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, minerals and a host of other components that make it extremely nourishing for the hair. Using it on your scalp and hair, gives them a lot of lustre and even reduces split ends. It helps your hair grow longer and more voluminous. Not just the hair on your head but it is also a great option for people who have scanty growth on their eye brows and eye lashes. Apply castor oil with an ear bud on your lashes and brows each night and you will see a visible difference within a few days.

2. Treats dandruff/Dry flaky scalp

Treats dandruff Dry flaky scalp

The constitution of castor oil is such that it has anti-bacterial properties and hence helps eliminate the bacteria that causes dandruff. Moreover, applying castor oil to the scalp keeps it moisturized. This prevents the scalp from getting dry and ultimately eliminates the chances of dandruff or flaky scalp in the first place. If you suffer from dandruff, use castor oil as a hair mask on the weekend and you will see major improvement within a couple of weeks.

3. Remove stretch marks/wrinkles

Remove stretch marks wrinkles

It contains fatty acids and high concentration of omega 9. It even prevents your skin from oxidising agents since it has anti-oxidant properties. Castor oil if massaged into the skin on regular basis, is proven to diminish fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It even works wonders on lightening any stretch marks that you might have on your body. Castor oil does a great job at hydrating and moisturising your skin and hence heals dry skin. This is really effective to reduce the lines on your skin and gives you a plumper and more youthful looking skin.

4. Reduces inflammation (corns and callouses)

Corns and callouses are nothing but skin that has inflamed and hardened generally around your feet due to friction or too much pressure. For example wearing uncomfortable shoes or walking bare foot on hard ground etc. To treat them, apply castor oil on a cotton pad or cotton wool and secure it on your area of concern with a surgical tape. The fatty acid in the castor oil dissolves the hardness of your skin and softens the corn or callous.  Eventually it completely removes it within a couple of weeks.

5. Heals chapped lips

Heals chapped lips

If you suffer from dry chapped lips and have tried every lip balm that’s available out there, it’s time you give the good old castor oil a go. In summers, lips get dehydrated and in winters the cold rough moisture-less weather takes a toll on them. Either way, chapped lips for a lot of women is simply a chronic problem. Apply castor oil to the lips a couple of times a day. Another trick is to apply castor oil at night before going to bed and top it off with petroleum jelly. This is sure to cure those cracked flaky lips overnight.

6. Treats cystic acne

Castor oil has dirt extracting properties. When applied to the face, it sucks out the impurities, toxins and other bacteria that may be causing acne. When massaged into the skin, it even removes dead skin cells, hence unclogging your pores. It clears out your skin and helps get rid of mild acne that might be caused due to impurities and pollutants. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and regularly massaging with it prevents any future breakouts as well. Take a damp cloth and apply about half a tea-spoon of castor oil to it. Gently rub it on your face in circular motions. Do this every night after cleansing and it’ll be sure to take care of your cystic acne.

7. Makes nails grow faster and stronger

Makes nails grow faster and stronger

A routinely visit to the manicurist is not an easy feat. If you too suffer from brittle nails that get chipped easily and dry cuticles that flake off, then look no further and pick up a bottle of castor oil. Massage it into your cuticles and all over your nails. Its anti-bacterial properties will not only protect your nails against fungal infections but also improve the quality of your nails. It makes your cuticles soft and gets rid of the dead skin. It’ll make your nails stronger and will make them grow faster. If you’ve always wanted to keep long filed nails but they kept chipping, with castor oil that’s totally possible.

8. Prevents you from getting grey hair

Prevents you from getting grey hair

One of the properties of castor oil called humectants, gives it the ability to lock in the moisture of the hair when it is combined with other nutrients. Mix castor oil with another extract oil such as almond oil or coconut oil and apply it to the scalp in circular motions. The fatty acids present in it, prevents greying of hair. The locking in of moisture by the oil, helps to darken the colour of hair. Putting castor oil has a hair mask once a week can really help with the problem of grey hair and also prevent hair loss.