6 Facial Cleansers You’ll Love if You Have Oily Skin


Our face has to deal with a lot of harsh conditions when we are out and about our day. So it is only natural that we should be extra careful in making sure we clean it regularly. Even more so, when your skin type is oily, it tends to really act up in the hot weather. Oil can quickly surface on the skin and clog pores causing blackheads and white heads to form. Hence it is absolutely essential, that a good face wash/cleanser be used regularly to make sure no excess oil deposits on the skin and it is able to breathe.

Now if you have had combination to oily skin for a long time, you know how difficult it is to find a cleanser that not just removes that excess oil but also takes care of our breakouts and does all this without stripping off the skin. Here we have for you, our top 6 picks for cleanser that you can give a go to see the long desired results.

1) Vichy Normaderm

vichy normaderm

This face wash comes in a Green tube or a pump packaging, depending upon the size you purchase. It comes out as a transparent green gel and lathers up really nicely so just a little bit can go a long way. Vichy products are quite ahead in the skincare game and this face wash containing salicylic and glycolic acid helps people with oily skin achieve a clearer looking skin. It’s paraben free and doesn’t contain alcohol hence is great for people who have sensitive skin. Its formula is quite light on the skin so unlike many other cleansers meant for oily skin, this one doesn’t over-dry your face and helps you get a clearer skin with regular use.

2) Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

cetaphil oily skin cleanser

Cetaphil is a brand that believes in gentle and healthy healing of the skin. They have a wide range of moisturisers and cleansers that work great on sensitive skin and provide a visible results. Its Oily skin cleanser, like most other Cetaphil products comes in their basic white packaging with either a flip top or a pump. It’s fuss-free, efficient and easy to use. It’s a clear gel and is quite runny in consistency. It has little to no foam and so it washes off easily leaving the skin clean and fresh. It’s a mild cleanser and hence you can easily use this twice a day.

3) La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel Cleanser

La Roche Posay effaclar gel cleanser

This cleanser by La Roche Posay helps not just combat the excess oil on your skin but also helps a great deal with any redness or hyper-pigmentation. Great for irritated skin that is prone to allergies. It soothes the skin without leaving it excessively dry and helps calm down the redness. It lathers a little when gently applied and washes off easily. It is great for oily and acne prone skin. The best part about this gel cleanser is that it balances the PH level of your skin and hence it can be used all year round without having to worry about the changing nature of your skin.

4) Mario Bedescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

Mario Bedescu Glycolic foaming cleanser

This cleanser, that has sodium lauryl sulphate in it as its main ingredient, works great for extremely oily skin. The cleanser is highly effective and should be used carefully, depending on the extent of oil your facial skin produces. If overused, it does have a tendency to dry out your skin. The Glycolic acid present in it helps break down any build up on your skin and helps clear it out. It even soothes the skin and helps prevent redness and gives the skin a boost of radiance. This product has been especially successfully in helping people get rid of breakouts and help achieve them a clearer skin.

5) Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – Oily Skin Formula

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin

This is just one of those cleansers that a lot of women swear by as an integral part of their daily skincare regime. This fuss-free formula comes in a cylindrical bottle with a pump at the top. Just a pea sized amount of this cleanser is enough for a good lather and rinses off easily leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh. It doesn’t irritate or over dry the skin. It has a mild formula and can easily be used twice a day for great results. If you have tried various products for your oily or broken out skin, this one will surely give you the results you were looking for. Clinique also does a range of accompanying toner and moisturizer but if you’re just starting out with the brand, the cleanser on its own also does the job.

6) Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Wash

Neutrogena oil free acne wash

Neutrogena is a dermatologically tested brand and has many options for people who have oily, acne prone skin. This oil free cleanser has salicylic acid in it that helps combat any breakouts on the skin. It’s a mild fragrance free cleanser that is great for sensitive skin. It unclogs any impurities or deposits in the facial pores, clears up the skin and prevents any future inflammations. It is gentle on the skin and overall a great cleanser for oily to combination skin type.