8 Low Key Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Your 20s


20s is a confusing time. You’re young, have lots to do and want to make the most of your time. You want to work hard, drink up loads, eat till you stomach explodes and sleep till you get tired of it. You want to fit in as much as you can in this period from 20 to 30.

But this high of being in your 20s soon fades away and you realise there’s more to life than drinking and getting wasted. So if you’re in your 20s or are about to be, try something different this birthday. Rather than going to a club and partying out (which is great too), try these low key celebrations that’ll help you have a memorable birthday.

1. Binge night

Binge night

Have a sleepover with your friends and do binge watching and binge eating. Get DVDs of your favourite movies or an entire season of your favourite TV show, sit in bed and watch it with your friends. You can even just binge watch on Netflix.

To go with your movie marathon, get your favourite snacks. Typical movie foods such as soda and popcorn or some comfort food such as chocolates and marshmallows. You could even turn it into a pizza party or hog on other junk food such as burgers or gummy-bears. It’s your birthday so you’re allowed as many calories as you’d like. Just get some food that is easy to eat and share while sitting in bed watching your favourite movie/show.

2. Go old-school

Go old-school

If you desire to do some fun activity with your friends, bowling or ice skating could be some great options. Most malls have a bowling alley or an ice skating rink. You and your friends could get together and have some fun, just nothing too competitive.

If you want something more thrilling, paintball and lazertag can be exciting too. Find out an arena nearest to your place, divide your friends into 2 teams or you can even play as individuals. Such activities will make you feel like a child again and what better way to spend your special day, other than having a great time hanging out with your friends.

3. Barbeque in the backyard


barbeque in the backyard


If you happen to have a house with a backyard, nothing better than a summer barbeque. Pick out your favourite foods and arrange a barbeque with a delicious spread. You could even lay out a picnic table to sit and eat on. At night, you and your friends could set up a small fire and sit around with marshmallows to roast. You could have a little camping experience and you don’t even have to go to the woods for it.

4. Take a road trip

Take a road trip

If you have been driving for a while and are confident about your skills, or one of your close friends is, take your closest friends with you, pack an overnight bag and set out on a road trip. Any place that’s within a couple of hours of reach. It could be your little adventure that would make your birthday even more special.

Just make sure you have a tank full of gas, some basic toiletries, an extra pair of clothes and directions to the destination. You don’t have to over-plan it, just go with the flow and you’ll have a great time.

5. Board game night

Board game night

You can do this with your friends or even your family. Pick out your favourite board games and play them turn by turn. To make things more interesting, you could even keep little prizes for the winner of each game. Board games are easy to play and people who don’t know can be taught quickly.

You could even switch it up with cards if you like them better. Uno, Jenga, snakes and ladder, whatever you and your friends like. In the end you could even keep a special prize for the person who wins the most games.

6. Classy brunch

Classy brunch

For times when you wish to do something slightly more grown up and classy, book a table at your favourite café for brunch. It could be a place you’ve been going to for years or even a restaurant that has newly opened up and you’ve been meaning to try.

Dress up with your girlfriends and go for brunch Sex and The City way. Because no one wants to wake up in time for breakfast on their birthday. Have a little extra lie in time in your bed and treat yourself and your friends for brunch.

7. Help someone

Help someone

Your birthday is a special day and you would feel even more special by helping someone in need. If you’re privileged enough to have celebrated your past birthdays, this time, make this day memorable for others.

Organize a lunch at a homeless shelter or donate some new clothes. Remember, if you don’t have many resources, even a single life counts. Buy a homeless guy a sandwich and make sure he has a full stomach. He’ll always remember you in his prayers. If you’ve wanted to get a puppy for your birthday, instead of getting one from a breeder, adopt one. However you can, just try and do some kindness unto others.

8. Spa day with girlies

spa day with girlies

If you want your birthday to be a relaxing day, book a group spa appointment. You and your girlies can have a pampering session and not have a worry in the world. Get a full body massage, a glowing facial or a steam sauna. You will end up feeling extremely refreshed and rejuvenated. Especially for girls who don’t have the luxury to go to the spa, it’s a great way to be indulgent on your birthday.