5 Simple Things to do When Your Stress Levels are Rising


Everyone at some point in their life has had to face stress and anxiety. However, each of us face it at different stages in life, in different magnitude, and each of us react to it differently. Some are fortunate enough to have developed good stress coping mechanisms from an early age, while others have an extremely hard time when brought face to face with a stressful situation. But since it is an inevitable and at times an unavoidable aspect of life, it’s important to learn certain things that can be done to manage your stress levels.

1. Breathing


When we get stressed, our breathing becomes really shallow and we don’t allow enough oxygen to reach our body. We begin to take short and incomplete breaths.

To overcome this, sit down in a relaxing position and keep one hand on your belly. Now begin to take deep breaths and let each breath fill up your stomach. Feel the movement of your hand that is placed on your belly. As slowly as possible for you, inhale and exhale. This calms you down as you feel oxygenated and your breathing becomes of the right pace. It works as a form of meditation but you don’t have to concentrate too hard.

2. Listening to music

listening to music

As most of us already know, music is a great stress reliever. So the next time you feel super stressed try to go to your happy place by listening to your favourite feel good songs. Music can really uplift your mood and give you the required boost of energy and positivity.

You could even hop on to some apps such as Spotify or 8Tracks that have certain playlists created on them. Choose a playlist with calm and relaxing music. Lie down with your eyes closed or just sit in a comfortable position whichever you prefer and listen to some music. The best part about this is you can also do it on the go. While you’re on your way to work or college, in the car or on the train, just pop in your ear phones and listen to some music.

3. Pursue a hobby

pursue a hobby

Hobbies are something we all like to do in our free time. They essentially take our mind off of a stressful situation. For anyone who hasn’t yet figured out a hobby, you could always try on a bunch of different things and then see which one gives you pleasure. But remember to not stress yourself out in the process.

Try a variety of things such as cooking, painting, dancing, etc. choose an activity that interests you and also diverts your mind. The purpose of this is to help you channelize your energy into an activity that you like and that gives you a boost of positivity.

4. Exercise


Exercising is another great way to let go of stress and anxiety. Doing yoga or even going for a jog is a great way to get your body into motion. Preferably do this workout outside in an open space to give you a more relaxing experience. Exercise releases good hormones which make us feel revitalised. Getting your body in motion gets your blood flowing and your brain feels more active.

As the saying goes “I regret doing that workout – said no one ever” your body will always thank you for it and so will your mind. It helps you focus your energies into something constructive rather than worrying about another situation. You feel the cloud of tension and anxiety lift off and in the long run exercise also helps boost up your self-esteem.

5. Little things

little things

Lastly, it’s the little things that give us happiness. Many a times it happens that we get into a really negative space on the personal front and we just feel like getting a little change from our daily routine. Breaking the monotony is an effective measure to get rid of your stress and anxiety.

It is essential to take out some me-time throughout the day in order to de-stress. Reading a light hearted book, taking a nice and hot relaxing shower or even just sitting down in front of the television watching your favourite show and drinking a hot cup of tea. These things will vary from person to person, but just devoting a little time to any such little thing will help you a long way in keeping the stress away.