12 Amazing Beauty Brands You Didn’t Know are Cruelty Free


The world of makeup and skincare is an enormous gift for women. It helps them enhance their features and makes them feel more confident about themselves. While most brands choose to go for making high profits by adopting inhumane practices, there are many others that take the high-road and say a complete no to animal testing. Let’s have a look at some exceptional makeup and skincare brands that are a 100{07887e49a010dedecba363fa60661caf80b8ad58c91ff2f7f8379ca0b498a8cd} cruelty free.

1) NYX


This drugstore makeup brand is known for its high quality products that are available at an accessible price. Started by Toni Ko in 1999, the brand has its headquarters in Los Angeles and is now available in over 70 countries across the globe. Famous for their signature lip creams and butter glosses and highly pigmented eye shadows, NYX has been a part of Peta’s Beauty without Bunnies campaign since 2010. Despite being acquired by Loreal (which tests its products on animals) in 2014, NYX still remains a 100{07887e49a010dedecba363fa60661caf80b8ad58c91ff2f7f8379ca0b498a8cd} cruelty free.

2) Hourglass


Started by Carisa James in 2004, Hourglass is known for their ambient lighting powders which are a holy grail for many beauty fanatics. The brand provides high quality luxurious products in an even more luxurious and aesthetic packaging. Apart from being a 100{07887e49a010dedecba363fa60661caf80b8ad58c91ff2f7f8379ca0b498a8cd} cruelty free, Hourglass also has a range of Vegan products that are strictly made without the use of any animal products. Unlike some other brands such as NYX, Hourglass does not retail in any country that requires animal testing of its products. It has grown immensely in its popularity and its powders are a must have in many makeup professionals’ collection.

3) Too faced

too faced

Too Faced is a fun, feminine and glamorous makeup brand that comes up with creative releases in artsy packaging and is always doing something new and exciting. Popular for their out of the box eye shadow palettes such as the chocolate bar palate or the sweet peach palette, they always combine their products with quality and creativity. Started by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, they also have a range of vegan products and even have a range of makeup brushes that are made with ‘teddy-bear hair’.

4) Nars


Owned by the parent company Shiseido (that does test its products on animals) Nars is a 100{07887e49a010dedecba363fa60661caf80b8ad58c91ff2f7f8379ca0b498a8cd} cruelty free brand. Started in 1992, its founder Fancois Nars is vegan himself so it was only natural for the brand to not participate in animal testing of its products. It’s a well renowned brand across the globe and is the birthplace of many cult classics in the makeup industry. The products have edgy names and the brand isn’t afraid to take risks. It’s blush named ‘orgasm’ is one of the top selling blushes in the world and many celebrities swear by its lipsticks.

5) Urban Decay

urban decay

This American makeup brand has its headquarters in California and also has a range of vegan products apart from its regular collection which is cruelty free. It is owned by the parent brand Loreal and was the centre of quite a controversy when in 2012, they announced that their products would now be sold in China as well. Animal testing is compulsory in China and hence many people were taken aback by this decision but just after a month they made an announcement that they won’t be distributing their products in China. Ever since the brand has remained 100{07887e49a010dedecba363fa60661caf80b8ad58c91ff2f7f8379ca0b498a8cd} cruelty free and even has a range of synthetic makeup brushes. Its Naked series is a part of every makeup Junkies’ collection.

6) Anastasia Beverly Hills

anastasia beverly hills

Started in 1997, ABH was founded by beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare. Having revolutionized the brow game, this brand was the first to have come up with the ‘golden ratio’ for brows. Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Victoria Bekham and many more, you name them and all these celebrities swear by ABH products when it comes to taming their brows. Also popular for their lip glosses and highly pigmented eye shadows, this brand is every makeup professional’s trusted source and what’s great is that it’s absolutely cruelty free.

7) Bare Minerals

bare minerals

Bare mineral is one of the earliest brands to have believed in the principle of simplicity and mineral ingredients that are good for the skin. Also known as Bare Escentuals in certain countries, this brand has its source in San Francisco and was started by Leslie Blodgett. Their mineral makeup is highly popular since it provides you the coverage of a good quality product and also feels light and let’s your skin breathe at the same time. Although their natural haired brushes are made from goat and pony hair, they provide assurance that animals are not hurt or tortured in the process. They also have many synthetic brushes.

8) Charlotte Tilbury

charlotte tilbury

Charlotte was a big name in the makeup industry and had worked as a creative consultant for many makeup brands such as Tom Ford, MAC and Chanel and with a number of super models such as Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Naomi Campbell. It was in 2013, that she decided to put all her expertise into creating her own brand and launched Charlotte Tilbury makeup. The brand is much sort after and is known for its luxurious high-end makeup. The brand is totally cruelty free and also has many vegan products. It’s vision is to help women achieve the best version of themselves.

9) Lush Ltd.


This UK based brand is all about going the natural way. Their products are a 100{07887e49a010dedecba363fa60661caf80b8ad58c91ff2f7f8379ca0b498a8cd} vegetarian and cruelty free. They actively participate in many campaigns that are all about using natural ingredients and dissing the exploitation of animals for making products. Their products range from moisturizers, soaps, shampoos to liquid lipsticks and mascaras. Their bath bombs are their signature product and what’s more is that all items are handmade. All their dyes and scents are natural and vegetarian as well.

10) Tarte


If you’re a makeup lover, you sure would’ve heard about Tarte’s Amazonian clay range. This brand started by Maureen Kelly, is a firm believer of cruelty free practices and is registered with PETA. Their products are of amazing quality and come in aesthetic packaging. Even after being taken over by KOSE, a Japanese non-cruelty free brand, Tarte remains cruelty free. They use natural ingredients such as amazonian clay, maracuja, coloured clay, etc. in their products. Amongst the brand’s other famous products are its blushes and lip tints.

11) Sunday Riley

sunday riley

This skincare and makeup brand has known to have transformed the skin of many women since 2009. Their products are high end and made from the finest of ingredients. The products are quite pricey but are worth the investment. Many women and professionals swear by their skincare and their products are filled with essential oils and lactic acid. Riley’s products combine technology and innovation with natural ingredients that are good for the skin and the environment.

12) Colourpop


Started in 2014 by siblings John and Laura Nelson, Colourpop is a fairly recent and young makeup brand. True to its name, their products come in all colours one could wish to have in their makeup collection. Popular for their liquid lipsticks and eye-shadows, their products are extremely pocket friendly while being of great quality at the same time. This brand came into the limelight purely through their social media presence and have over a million followers on Instagram. Their products are cruelty free and gluten free and majority of them are vegan as well (not all).