10 Movies to Watch on a Girls’ Night In


Sleepovers are a part of every girl’s childhood. As a young woman, some of the best memories you have of your friends are the nights when you all got together, sat on the couch with a tub of popcorn and just cried your eyes out or maybe laughed your guts out to a movie. Yes, those movies that you know could be playing anytime on the television and you would just be pulled by someone unknown force to just sit and watch them.

So the next time you and your girlies are planning a girls’ night in, be sure to watch one these:

1) Bridesmaids


Weddings are always a source of major drama and entertainment. Bridesmaids is the story of two best friends and how their friendship struggles when one of them is about to get married and the other one is having a hard time making ends meet. Lillian is about to have her dream wedding and Annie couldn’t be happier. But it takes a toll when Helen (Lillian’s husband’s boss’s wife) enters the picture and tries to create a rift between the two. Annie, who isn’t doing so well in her personal life gets threatened by Helen and starts acting out. You will definitely enjoy watching this one with your best friend.

2) 13 Going on 30

13 going on 30

It happens to the best of us. Someday we wake up and just contemplate life thinking where did are childhood go. When did we stop becoming our sweet innocent self and grew up into a selfish adult who has to deal with the tough world. This is the story of Jenna who on isn’t the most popular kid in her school. On her 13th birthday, she wishes to become 30 and little did she know that it actually comes true.

3) A Walk to Remember

A walk to remember

One of the classics when it comes to romance, this movie is the adaptation of the novel written by Nicholas Sparks by the same title. Landon is one of the cool kids. He is rebellious and doesn’t care much for others’ feelings. Jamie on the other hand is a sweet girl who is kind, caring and sensitive. The two are the last ones who could fall in love with each other. But as fate has it, their paths coincide when they happen to act in a school play together. What follows is an emotional roller coaster. This movie will definitely have you sobbing for a while.

4) The Holiday

the holiday

Iris is and has been in love with the man for 3 years who is now engaged to another woman. Amanda who has made her work her whole life, is dealing with a breakup. Both women are tired of their present lives and all they need is a long holiday to get their mind off of the current madness. They happen to meet each other online and decide to flow across the globe to have a holiday of a lifetime. The movie follows the journey of how these two women discover themselves and realize what it was that they needed in their lives.

5) Mean Girls

mean girls

This movie starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachael McAdams, has achieved the status of a cult classic ever since its release. It’s the tale of high school cliques and the dynamics that go into female friendships. Cady (Lindsay Lohan) joins a regular high school after being home schooled in Africa till the age of 16. She finds some genuine friends but loses them in her attempt to become a part of the cool clique by befriending the mean girls. She then rediscovers herself and regains her friends by realizing the important things in life that matter.

6) Clueless


Clueless was based on a loose adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma. It’s the story of pretty and popular Cher who means well for others but is caught up in her somewhat superficial ways. Cher’s best friends with Dionne but doesn’t approve of her long term boyfriend. Her failed attempts at matchmaking leave her confused and clueless as to what is it that she is doing wrong. Meanwhile she discovers that she has feelings for her step brother whom she otherwise mocked. She also tries to help Tai (a girl who is unpopular) by trying to making her more popular and appealing to the boys. By the end she discovers that it’s best to not get into matters of the heart.

7) 10 Things I Hate About You

10 things i hate about you

Starring the iconic Heath ledger, this movie is a hard-core romantic one. Two sisters Kat (older) and Bianca (younger) are brought up by a strict father who puts a condition that Bianca isn’t allowed to date any boys until her older sister does. Bianca is quite popular in school and is dying to date a senior. She uses Cameron who is new in school and fancies her to somehow get her older sister to date someone. Enters Patrick, who’s the high school bad boy who is paid by Cameron to make Bianca fall for her. The movie follows how both sisters fair in their love life and the important lessons they learn along the way.

8) Sex and The City

sex and the city

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are 4 single girls living it up in the big city, They are successful professionals who go after what they want and don’t stop until they have it. Be it boys or designer bags. It’s the adventures of these 4 girls as they look for love in New York. The movie has been adapted after a television series by the same name. Carrie is a writer and writes a weekly column in a newspaper, Samantha is a headstrong, career driven women who exudes sexual confidence and works in Public Relations sector. Charlotte is a perfectionist who works in an art gallery and Miranda is a lawyer who is a work-a-holic and isn’t very pro boys or relationships. These 4 are best friends and each other’s biggest support.

9) He’s Just Not That Into You

he's just not that into you

It’s the story of 9 people whose lives cross paths at some point or the other in their search for love. A married couple, a struggling singer who isn’t sure of what she wants from life, a guy working at a bar who doesn’t want to get into any serious relationship, a single girl who always misconstrues guys’ actions, another couple who have been in a long term relationship for many years but are yet to tie the knot, a girl who works in advertising and has given up on finding love in an authentic way outside the realm of social media and a guy working in real estate who is stuck up on the wrong girl who doesn’t reciprocate to his affections. The movie is about their lives and how they discover their own happy endings.

10) Bride Wars

bride wars

Emma and Liv have been best friends since they were little girls. They have been there for each other in good times and bad. They shared everything and had even planned their weddings since their childhood. Their friendship goes through a roadblock when both of them decide to get married on the same day and want the same venue. The movie leads up to their big day and all the ups and downs this friendship goes through in order to make their day the most special one. Whether they stay friends or this rough patch gets the best of them, is what this story is all about.