10 Hacks to Save You on a Bad Hair Day


In order to look ready and put together, hair play an extremely important role. A fresh haircut or blow dry can really amp up your confidence. Not all of us are blessed with easily manageable here and even the ones who are, humidity, pollution and lack of time makes it difficult to make sure hair looks presentable each day. Some days, your hair just refuses to cooperate and wants to do its own thing. But just because you’re a busy girl, doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to being expressive and adventurous with your hair. Here’s your cheat sheet to tricks and DIYs to change your bad hair days to good hair days.

1. Do the updo

do the updo

Some days, you just wake up to a mess that is your hair. It especially happens on times when you wash your hair and sleep off in wet hair or days when they’re exposed to too much humidity. Even after detangling all the knots, it just fluffs up and you end up looking like a poodle. For days like those, just tie them up in a bun or top knot. They’re easy to do and take no time at all. Gather all your hair together, twist them around and wrap a hair elastic around them. You could even put out a few stands in the front for a messy bun look. Simply customise it according to your liking.

2. Fake that wash

fake that wash

If you usually have packed up days or just downright lazy when it comes to washing your hair, dry shampoo is your best friend. Take sections of your hair and spray some dry shampoo to the roots, holding it about 6 inches away. Shake it up with your fingers to make sure there is no white residue visible and the product gets evenly distributed.

Many a times it so happens that due to heat and humidity, even if we wash our hair regularly, the roots tend to get oily really soon. So a dry shampoo is a great product for those last minute events where you want to fake freshly washed hair.

3. Cover it up

cover it up

Adding a fun hat or a bandana to your hair is another great way to hide the mess underneath. It’s probably the quickest possible hack. Buy one according to your style and personality. Some fun hat, chic fedora, quirky baseball cap; whatever your personal style is, always keep a hat/cap on standby to save your hair.

You can even switch it up with a scarf or bandana. Experiment with different styles of tying u a bandana over your head. It could be great touch your outfit and you could even pair it up with your dress or other accessories like handbag or shoes.

4. Try a new parting

try a new parting

This one isn’t really a hidden secret but just something people don’t play with often. Simply changing your parting can give your hair a different look. Yes, it’s that simple. If you feel like your roots look ever so slightly greasy, simply change your parting. Constantly exposing the scalp from the same parting exposes hair on that side and they can tend to go oily or flat. Switch it up and you’ll notice that your hair looks fresher and more voluminous with the new parting.

5. Slick back ponytail

slick back ponytail

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger have been doing this for years now. Just take a comb and gather all your hair at the back of your head into a sleek ponytail. Use a fine toothed comb to achieve a neat and chic look. This takes all the hair away from your face and is a great practical option while working or traveling. Take care of the flyaway hair in the front by sticking them back with the petroleum jelly by spraying some anti-frizz hair spray on a brush and running it over your hair.

6. Rock a bob

rock a bob

When your hair is in the process of outgrowing your previous haircut or due to lack to care, the ends can tend to become thinner. It makes the hair look unhealthy. If you’re having a busy week and do not have time for a hair-cut, but still want your hair to look like it has some body, you can simple fake it. Take it loosely to the back and secure it at the nape of your neck. You can even secure it with bobby pins or put on some texture spray to give the top of your hair some lift. This way, you can easily achieve a faux bob look. A lot of celebrities are seen spotting this and is a great way to giving you the illusion of short hair if you’re tired of your regular long locks.

7. Avoid extra heat

avoid extra heat

The worst thing you can do to your hair on a bad hair day is overdoing your hair. No matter how bad it’s looking, avoid doing too much to it. Some product here or there doesn’t hurt but keep it strictly away from any sort of heat. Straighteners and curling tongs or blow dryers with high intensity heat setting should not be touched. The last thing your distressed hair needs is any sort of extra heating or moisture to it. Trying to use heating tools will simply make our roots even oilier and you’ll end up expanding your problem.

8. Add some jazz

jazz it up

This is the fun part, you don’t always have to try to hide your hair for them to look good. You can try and be fun and experimental. Clips, bows, hair pins, hair elastic, you can try and incorporate these to your hair for days when you’re just bored f your hair. Bobby pins are available in various colours, try using them in your hairstyles. Clip on bows are another fun accessory. They’re available in various prints, colours and materials. You can pick up and colourful floral printed one for casual days and an embellished gold or silver one for your evenings out.  You could even try out some hair elastics to give that something extra to your regular ponytail.

9. Give it some volume

give it some volume

If your hair has no action going on, then it’s time you added something to it. Apply some hair lift spray to the roots and ruffle it with your fingers. It’ll instantly create some volume around the crown area. If you don’t have a spray available, you can even create the illusion of volume by backcombing strands of your hair. Adding some volume instantly makes your hair look healthier.

10. Braid them up

braid them up

You could do one or you could do many. Braids are a great way to tame any bad hair situation. If you have limp hair, you can tie them in a fishtail and pull it out all over to make it look thick and voluminous. For greasy oily hair, you could tie them in a French plat. For frizzy unmanageable hair you could do many mini braids while leaving the remaining here open. To have them all away from your face, you could do a milkmaid braid or even combine your braids with a bun. The possibilities are endless. Braids make you look super put together and are not that hard to do once you get the hang of it. They even protect your hair from any heat or humidity and are a great way to save the day.